New Hanover County and City of Wilmington Finalize Agreement to Keep more Recyclables out of County Landfill

Posted June 30, 2015 at 3:55 pm     Category: Environmental ManagementNews Release

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC – New Hanover County and city of Wilmington have finalized an agreement that will help keep more recyclables out of the county landfill. The agreement with Sonoco Recycling, LLC will permit the company to construct and operate a material recovery facility (MRF) at the county’s former WASTEC facility.

Under the agreement executed today, the county and city will commit all tons collected from their recycling operations. New Hanover County Environmental Management Director, Joe Suleyman said the MRF and agreement with the city will result in a combined savings of over $650,000 annually. “This agreement, and the infrastructure it brings to the county, provides a tremendous opportunity to expand and enhance recycling efforts county-wide”. The agreement calls for a one dollar per year lease arrangement to the county plus twenty-five cents per ton of materials delivered to the facility from outside the area. Up to 25 thousand tons could be diverted from the landfill annually.

The term of the agreement runs from July 1 to June 30, 2023. City residents who participate in the city’s recycling program will continue to use their blue roll out carts while the county will continue to use its recycling drop off locations. The county’s drop-off sites will be further enhanced by combining metal cans, paper products, and plastic containers into one container for more convenience.

According to the agreement, the county would charge the city $10 a ton to handle recyclables, half of what Wilmington pays right now. The city’s current contract with Waste Management expires June 30. Deputy City Manager, Richard King estimates a savings of $240,000 each year by using the new MRF. “The city of Wilmington is excited to partner with New Hanover County in securing a Material Recovery Facility in the Wilmington area,” King said. “The facility will be an asset not only to City’s Solid Waste customers, but to the City of Wilmington, New Hanover County and our neighboring counties.”

Sonoco is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial, consumer and protective packaging and provider of packaging services. In addition, the Company is one of the leading producers of recycled paperboard, utilizing more than a million tons of recovered paper annually in its papermaking operations.


Release Contact:

Joe Suleyman
Director, Environmental Management
(910) 798-4403

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