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New Hanover County Highlights Public Health Week

Posted April 5, 2018 at 11:40 am     Category: News ReleasePublic Health

 NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC – Public Health Week is April 2-8, and New Hanover County’s Health Department wants to remind the community about the importance of a healthy community.

Through the Health Department’s services and programs, health workers provide the basic foundation that is necessary for good health in New Hanover County. They serve individuals and the entire community every day through restaurant inspections, car seat safety checks, communicable disease prevention, school mental health services, and more.

“Public Health protects and improves the health of the entire community by intervening early and keeping people from getting sick or injured, and protecting against diseases and food borne illnesses,” said New Hanover County Health Director Phillip Tarte. “Our focus goes beyond just health care services. We have a strategic view of what makes and keeps New Hanover County healthy, including mental health, everyday health choices, and safe and accessible surroundings.”

Public Health Week puts a national spotlight on the critical role of public health that heavily influences the overall health of the nation, state, and the local community.

“New Hanover County’s Public Health Department is focused on our local needs, so that we can improve the community’s overall health and advocate for effective actions,” Tarte continued. “We are most effective through community partnerships, so that we can make a collective impact on public health. Every person plays a part in making a difference in public health, and this nation-wide Public Health Week reminds us of that.”

To learn more about the programs and services of New Hanover County’s Health Department, visit Health.NHCgov.com.


Release Contact:
Jessica Loeper
Communications & Outreach Coordinator

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