New Hanover County’s Composting Program Wins Carolina Recycling Association Award

Posted April 8, 2019 at 9:18 am     Category: Environmental ManagementNews Release

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC – The Carolina Recycling Association honored New Hanover County’s Environmental Management Department with a 2019 Annual Recycling Award for the food waste composting program, at its annual conference in March.

New Hanover County is reducing the amount of waste going into the county’s landfill by composting food waste and using the finished product in county parks and gardens, and sharing it with local organic farmers. Since the composting program began in November 2017, more than 80 tons of compost has been generated.

“After conducting two consecutive waste audits, we learned that over half of the waste being disposed of in the county landfill was compostable,” said Environmental Management Director Joe Suleyman. “So we decided to be proactive and purchase an innovative in-vessel system designed to eliminate odors and wastewater issues that are typically associated with composting. All the pre-consumer food waste from UNCW’s dining hall is processed through the system, in addition to feed stocks from restaurants, private individuals, and farmer’s markets.”

The composting program is open to all residents and businesses. You can bring unpackaged food waste, free of charge, to the county’s composter located at the landfill (5210 U.S. Highway 421 N.) or to the HazWagon (located throughout the county each week). In addition, food waste collection at your home or business can also be arranged. Learn more about the composting program and what is accepted at

Each year, the Carolina Recycling Association honors top performers that advance waste reduction and recycling in the Carolinas. The awards are open to individuals, companies, governments, schools, organizations, non-profits, and councils. Nominations are reviewed and winners are selected by a committee of industry peers, and scored in a variety of categories including amount of waste reduced, recycled or diverted, level of difficulty, and contribution to the industry as a whole.


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