New Hanover County Fire Rescue achieves improved fire rating, leading to lower fire insurance rates for residents

Posted May 18, 2021 at 9:38 am     Category: Fire RescueNews Release

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC – New Hanover County Fire Rescue (NHCFR) has received an improved fire response rating – going from a four to a two rating – from the North Carolina Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshal Mike Causey.

“The improved rating demonstrates the Board of County Commissioners and the County’s Fire Rescue Department’s commitment to provide exemplary fire protection to the citizens of New Hanover County, which will result in lower fire insurance rates and money savings for our residents,” said NHCFR Chief Donnie Hall. “We have exceptional staff who serve in Fire Rescue. They continuously improve our level of service to the community and make lives safer, and this new rating is a direct reflection of that commitment.”

The southern and northern New Hanover County fire districts both received a Class 2 rating, which becomes effective on August 1, 2021.

The NCRRS rating system ranges from one (highest) to 10 (not recognized as a certified fire department by the state). Higher ratings suggest a department is overall better equipped to respond to fires in its district, and can also significantly lower homeowners insurance rates in that fire district.

For homeowners in the unincorporated county, visit to look up your address and see your fire rating, and also access a letter that can be sent to your insurance company, if needed, to ensure your rates are lowered beginning in August 2021.

The improved ratings come after a routine inspection was conducted in February 2021 by officials with the Department of Insurance Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM), as part of a requirement of the North Carolina Response Rating System (NCRRS). Among other things, the routine inspections look for proper staffing levels, sufficient equipment, proper maintenance of equipment, communications capabilities, and availability of a water source. The last time the county received a new rating was after its 2012 inspection, when NHCFR received a four rating.

“I’d like to congratulate Chief Hall for the department’s performance and for the hard work of all the department members,” said Commissioner Causey. “The citizens in these districts should rest easy knowing they have a fine group of firefighters protecting them and their property in case of an emergency.”

View a video from the official announcement of the new fire rating here.


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